A comparison of Brunner Beef Feedlot DGMX and MSE


Lark L. Burnham, Ph.D.

Ruminant nutrition



Probiotic effectiveness depends on concentration of live organisms that have been shown to have a protective, or probiotic effect. The number of viable microorganisms, either in total or of an individual species, is known as “colony-forming units” or CFU. One live cell can generate one colony. Generally speaking, the higher the CFU, the more effective the probiotic, or combination of microorganisms.


The label for Brunner Beef Feedlot DGMX does not state any amount, guaranteed or otherwise, for the probiotic organisms listed in the ingredients. The Vigortone website does not list CFU for any of its beef products. Based on the available information, Brunner Beef Feedlot DGMX, as is, should not be included as a source of microorganisms, and especially not at levels recommended for improved performance.


MSE can be added to any feedlot pre-mix to enhance animal performance, as long as it is included at the recommended rates.



MSE can: