Usage rates for MSE are printed on the label. For improved performance, double or triple the recommended usage rate can be used, however any increased performance as a result of increased dosage is not normally as cost effective. Do not use less than the suggested dosage. It is not suggested to use more than 3 times the recommended dosage, although animals have consumed 100% MSE diets and have shown no signs of toxicity. It is suggested that antibiotics not be used in conjunction with MSE unless symptoms warrant antibiotic use. In other words, only use antibiotics if symptoms for which the antibiotic is subscribed are present. If symptoms are not present, MSE used regularly should prevent these symptoms from appearing. If symptoms do appear while feeding MSE, use the antibiotic, and then double the dosage of MSE or use MSE Paste to boost the microflora population back to normal. If it is deemed necessary to use a continuous fed antibiotic it is recommended to use double the regular rate of MSE to counter-act any microbe destruction caused by the antibiotic.

   MSE has not been shown to have an additive effect when fed in conjunction with ionophores. It is therefore recommended to discontinue the use of ionophores when feeding MSE.

Feeding MSE results in increased digestibilities of certain feedstuffs, including protein, cellulose and amylose. This increase in digestibility is more pronounced when feeding a lower quality (less digestible) feed. This increase in digestibility may increase or decrease feed intake. The results on feed intake are not consistent, but seem to be related to the type of feedstuff.

   As a result of increased digestibility, certain required components of an animals diet become more available to them. An example is protein. MSE typically increases the digestibility of protein by 8-14% This means that 8-14% less protein needs to be fed to meet that animals requirements. We suggest slowly lowering the CP content of the ration by a total of 10% after starting to feed MSE. Pay close attention to the animals to determine how far you can lower the CP level in the ration. As a general guide, your animals dung should be firm. If your animal has runny or loose dung, this is an indicator of too much protein in the diet.

   Other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in your ration may become more available after feeding MSE also. Despite this, it is not recommended to lower the vitamin or mineral content of your ration unless a case of toxicity is possible. Also, MSE does contain numerous vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are included to serve as preservation factors for the enzymes, etc... in the MSE, as well as to serve as a safety factor if a deficiency of one of these nutrients occurs. These vitamins and minerals are not intended to take the place of any vitamins or minerals in your ration.

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