1. Compact, tight, and hard soil?

2. Clodding and crusting?

3. Water not penetrating soil?

4. Poor water and air movement in soil?

5. Poor root structure and non-uniform crops?

6. Wet spots, standing water because of poor soil drainage?

If any of these conditions exist on your farm, check our:

Natur's Way Soil Biological's An Energized Enzyme and Microbial Concentrate, with Humic Acid, Seaweed Extract and a Broad Spectrum of Soil Inoculants

Reduced soil bacterial and enzyme counts in modern farming operations are a USDA statistic. This is significant because microbial processes are the most important mechanism for the transfer of nutrients into plants. Bacteria also increase yields by storing spring applied fertilizers and releasing them at a later date when plant needs increase. NATUR'S SOIL BIOLOGICAL (SOIL BIO) has been developed to rapidly build up the reduced soil microbial population and increase biological activity for maximum plant growth, health and increased resistance to diseases.

NATUR'S SOIL BIO formulation is a new concept in keeping microbes alive in solution. It not only contains a broad spectrum of beneficial microbes, it also contains cultures for feeding the microbes once they are diluted and come out of dormancy.

NATUR'S SOIL BIO includes the following microbial populations:

Bacillus subtilis (2 strains): Provides enzymes for breaking down plant residue
Bacillus cereus: Additional enzymes plus penicillinase
Bacillus thuringiensis: Additional enzymes
Bacillus megaterium: Degrades complex sugars after crop residue breakdown.

*Azobacteriaceae: Nitrogen Fixation without nodules on non-legume plants Asperigillus oryzae extract: Enzymes for digesting crop residue Lactobacillus culture with nutrients: Provides food for the entire blend Cytokinin extract of seaweed: A powerful growth hormone and stress reliever
Rhizobium: (For all soybeans and dry beans and all legumes) Nitrogen fixation by stimulating nodule formation

*Fixation of nitrogen from the air by axobacteriaceae and rhizobeum reduces the amounts of nitrogen which must be applied, further

reducing costs.

In addition to the above strains, SOIL BIO also contains a broad spectrum of enzymes as well as several fungal and yeast strains. All of these ingredients assist in the breakdown of plant residues and other organic matter in the soil and convert them to humus. The resulting increase in organic matter increases the soil's ability to absorb and retain moisture, thereby reducing the run off of moisture and fertilizers due to erosion by wind and water. Plant nutrients in the soil residues and those applied in the fertilizers are more thoroughly broken down for absorption by the plant roots. This can also improve yields and reduce fertilizer costs.


Organic matter is one of the most important aspects of soil fertility. Modern farming practices have tended to reduce the organic matter content of many soils, or affected it to such an extent that it becomes inactive "humin" instead of active "humus". Many of the soil, plant and animal health problems in modern agriculture can be traced to the low level of active humus.

NATUR'S SOIL BIO is formulated to supplement the humic acid that your organic matter should release. It acts as a growth stimulant, a catalyst, chelating agent, and a buffer against harsh materials put on the soil or harsh conditions in the soil affecting plants.

NATUR'S SOIL BIO contains a high quality humic acid, which will enable you to use one (1) quart per acre of concentrated material to replace a 200 - 500# application of a dry humate material or where seven or eight tons of manure would normally be used.

Just as nature uses humic acids, SOIL BIO unlocks and chelates major and minor nutrients, including calcium, for plant uptake. It buffers high and low pH's to allow nutrient uptake in less than optimum conditions. SOIL BIO contains a wide variety of major and trace minerals, 21 amino acids and has a pH of 7.0 minimum. The Cation Exchange Capacity varies from 200 to 500 MEQ per 100 grams at a pH of 7.0.

Each of the strains of microorganisms, the enzymes and other factors in SOIL BIO are produced with laboratory type fermentation and culturing. The result is a very highly concentrated product with "dense populations" of all microorganisms. Very small amounts need be applied. This makes the product very cost effective.

The most important and unique factor in SOIL BIO is the development which made it possible to have the beneficial factors available only when it is used. A combination of organic materials maintain the microorganisms in a live, but dormant condition, in the concentrated product. When the concentrate is diluted for application, the agents are weakened to the point where the microorganisms "come alive" and start multiplying. The numbers of bacteria can be doubled hourly, so in a very short time the numbers become astronomical. Nutrition is then required to sustain the activity until the microorganisms become established in the soil environment. Otherwise, large numbers would die off and be lost.


Apply NATUR'S SOIL BIO at the rate of 1 pint per acre per application. A minimum of 2 applications are recommended per growing season. A maximum of 1 quart per acre per application is recommended. Always use 20 to 30 gallons of water per acre when applying as a spray.

The first application of NATUR'S SOIL BIO should be applied on the soil before planting if possible, and can be worked into the top one or two inches. Do not plow down. NATUR'S SOIL BIO can also be incorporated or mixed on the untreated seed. Mix 4 ounces of NATUR'S SOIL BIO to 1 gallon of water and add the mixture to the seed until the seed coat is wet..

The second and any subsequent applications should be applied as a foliar spray at any stage of plant maturity to stimulate plant growth. Metering SOIL BIO into an irrigation system is an excellent method of application. When foliar spraying, do not apply in the heat of the day or bright sunlight.


NATUR'S SOIL BIO is a water soluble liquid that should be stored in a cool area out of direct sunlight. SOIL BIO in its concentrated form should be used within one year of purchase for best results. After dilution, SOIL BIO must be used as soon as possible. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING.

SOIL BIO can be applied with most other farm solutions other than insecticides, but compatibility should always be checked. Avoid mixing with phosphorous solutions greater than X-7-X.

Soil Bio is made in Horton, Kansas, U. S. A. 

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